Short Term Rental

1 Season | 2018

John and Emily were newly married when they purchased their new, two bedroom apartment, with plans to grow into it in the coming years. After a few months of settling in, they finally turn their attention towards finishing up the guest room, a space they eventually planned to turn into a nursery. When Emily suddenly decides she cant do it, John is left heartbroken and with a number of questions – the most pressing being how he will afford their two bedroom apartment on his own. With hopes that his wife will come back, he begins to sublet the spare room through a series of short term rentals, each temporary tenant bringing new personalities and experiences that surround John as he tries to piece his life back together.

Starring: Michael Kayne, Cathryn Mudon, Brendan Fitzgibbons
Creators: Stephen Figueiredo, Sean Patrick Kelly, Gianna Orzo

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