About Us

MicroFilmz is a unique online distributor in that we only distribute short films and short web series in order to shine a light on the medium and empower the artists who create them.

Through our Roku Channel and online platforms, MicroFilmz is dedicated to building the largest database of short film content in order to showcase the creators and help them benefit financially in a medium that is not traditionally financially viable through a revenue sharing program with the filmmakers. 

No matter the genre, MicroFilmz is the premiere platform for the short film medium.

In addition to acquisitions, MicroFilmz will also  be a major funder of short film projects. Much like Netflix, we are producing original content, bringing on the best short filmmakers in the world to create MicroFilmz Originals.

MicroFilmz is dedicated to disrupting the distribution system, giving power to the filmmakers to create important work. We are always accepting submissions and there is no cost to submit your film for consideration.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is MicroFilmz?

A: MicroFilmz is a streaming service dedicated to showcasing short films from across the globe.

Q: Where can I watch MicroFilmz?

A: Beginning May 1, 2023, MicroFilmz content will be available online and through Roku. Just like you’d watch Netflix or Hulu, you will be able to download the MicroFilmz app on your Roku device or Roku Television and watch the films. There are plans to expand to Fire TV and Apple TV+ by the end of the year.

Q: Does MicroFilmz really pay content creators for their short films?

A: Yes! MicroFilmz was founded by filmmakers, who know how much blood, sweat and tears are put into the work, knowing it will most likely never make a dime, until now. That’s why we created a revenue sharing model. Not only do we want to get these films into millions of homes, we also want the filmmakers to get paid.

Q: How much does MicroFilmz pay the filmmakers?

A: MicroFilmz operates within a revenue sharing model. The more subscribers we have the more we pay the filmmakers and the more films a filmmaker has on our platform, the more revenue you can generate. 60% of all revenue goes back to the content creators.

Q: How do I get my film onto MicroFilmz?

A: There are two ways to get onto our platform. The first is to submit a film through the form below and if our acquisitions team likes what they see, they will reach out and make you an offer. The second is that we scour the earth for great content and reach out to the filmmakers directly. From film festivals to YouTube to Vimeo and beyond, we’re always searching for new talent interested in getting paid for what they do.